Friday, January 8, 2010

Predatory versus Mutually Beneficial interactions- you decide.

Our world has "de-evolved" or degenerated to the place where predatory interaction is the norm. Predatory actions are based on the notion that I can only gain at someone else's expense. The underlying belief of predatory behavior (like that of greed) is that my resources are limited. I do not allow myself to see possibilities. So if I want something, I am going to have to take it from someone else.

We can rationalize anything. We rationalize predatory behavior by saying things like, "it is just business." Corporations are "protecting their shareholder's interest." Most stockholders and consumers seem willing to support this behavior as long as they get a profitable investment or good deal on a flat screen TV.

The opposite of predatory interactions are mutually beneficial (or win-win) interactions. These interactions are based on the belief that if we collaborate and put our heads together, we can create a solution that allows everyone involved to benefit. We have to go beyond linear thought and limited perspectives to see new possibilities and innovate new paradigms. Once you prove to yourself that you can create things for yourself, the notion of gaining at another's expense is absurd. Why would you need to?

So now that the world's natural resources are getting more and more limited and the world population continues to sky rocket, we are going to have to choose. Are we going to fight each other for the remaining resources? Or... are we going to work together to create innovations that transcend our perceived limited resources to a place where this is enough for all who choose to participate. This choice may be the deciding factor between war and peace- between destruction and creation.

We make this choice every day. Whenever you collaborate with someone for mutual benefit, you are contributing to the peace of the planet and true evolution of humankind.

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