Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Building Momentum for Your New Life...

Changing takes energy. We have to work through our resistance. We have to venture out of our comfort zone. We make mistakes, because we really have not learned how this new thing works yet. We have setbacks- even when we do everything right. It is easy to get discouraged. Self-doubt sets in, "Who was I kidding thinking that I could do this."

One essential element of creating something new is building momentum. Making change requires that we keep our energy moving forward. We are building confidence. We are changing our beliefs about ourselves and the world. One of the most challenging things is to believe in possibility- to believe that what we want is attainable.

The best way to build momentum is by creating and acknowledging success. (This is also the best way to build self-esteem). In a sense, we are proving to ourselves that we are another step closer to our goal. We are proving that we can do it. We are acknowledging that it is happening. We are stating to believe in possibility.

Energy builds on itself. It moves with momentum. Once we have momentum moving forward, things start opening up for us. Creating the things that we want starts to get easier. Our motivation builds. Set backs are not as devastating- we just shift our momentum in a slightly different direction. Do not let your momentum dwindle and dissipate. Keep it building. Keep it moving forward.

The toughest part is getting started. It takes some energy to to overcome our inertia and to get the ball moving. Every day ask yourself, "What is one thing that I can do today to get closer to my goal." At the end of your day acknowledge your progress. The snowball is starting to build. It is stating to move forward. Lookout world, my new life is coming through.

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