Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Halloween... The Shadow Knows.

Carl Jung defined the "shadow" as the part of us that "represents unknown or little know attributes of the ego." He continues about the value of the shadow in Man and his Symbols, "But sometimes everything that is that is unknown to the ego is mixed up with the shadow, including the most valuable and highest forces." Later in the chapter he advises, "If the shadow figure contains valuable, vital forces, they ought to be assimilated into actual experience and not repressed. It is up to the ego to give up its pride and priggishness and to live out something that seems to be dark, but actually may not be"

I cannot think of a better time for what Jung called "the realization of the shadow" than on Halloween. This year why not dance out your shadow by picking a costume that embodies your alter-ego or part of yourself that you normally do not allow or expose? For the really courageous, act in the character of your shadow costume during a party.

So... if you cannot think of a good costume this Halloween, live a little and expand your repertoire. Let your shadow come out to play!

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