Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"I don't do business that don't make me smile."

These lyrics from the song Treetop Flyer by Stephen Stills always rang true to me. The interactions and experiences that we present to ourselves and how we respond to them is what comprises our life. Why not experience things that bring joy to you?

I am not suggesting that interactions and relationships need to be blissful or joyful all the time. That is not realistic.

But, if interactions not bringing you joy or making you smile on a regular basis, why would you continue to do it? Life is meant to be joyful.

If you are regularly dreading a job, relationship, client, or any interaction, maybe it is time to make some changes. You could change the parameters of the interaction. Or you could choose to interact with someone or something else. I am not suggesting you spontaneously quit your job or leave your relationship. I am suggesting that you consider how you are choosing to live your life.

Do you believe in your abundance enough to see alternatives for yourself? Do you believe it is possible?

Or... do you submit to the fear of: "I better hold onto to that job with the economy the way it is." Or, "If I leave this person, I may not meet anyone else."

There are a lot of people and opportunities on the planet. There ought to be interactions available to you that make you smile- at least most of the time.

Life is so short. Why hang out in interactions that you continually do not enjoy?

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