Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Maybe there is something else that you came here to do

We have come here for a reason. Maybe we chose to come here at this time to accomplish some specific things. Maybe have some unique gifts to offer the world at this time. Maybe offering those gifts will teach us things that we need to learn to grow and evolve.

Maybe you did not just come here to take up space. Maybe you did not come here to just take what the world offers you. Maybe there is something beyond finding a career, getting married, raising a family, traveling, and hanging out with your grandkids. Not that these things are not awesome things to experience... But maybe there is something else that you came here to do.

The Hindu and Buddhist traditions speak of your "dharma." It means different things in different traditions and contexts. One aspect of Dharma refers to what you came here to do. It suggests you came to this life to accomplish some things at this time.

Native Americans speak of your "medicine". This may be some gift of healing or leadership that gets unlocked during a vision or your life experiences. I like to think of it as the natural uplifting effect you have on others when your heart is open.

Finding your dharma or your medicine(s) and acting on it is spiritually fulfilling. It gives you a sense of purpose.

So look around. It is an important time to be alive. The world and the people and things in it are having some serious challenges right now. They desperately need you and what you have to offer. Your specific spiritual gifts, talents, experience, and wisdom are just perfect for something the world needs right now.

Are you going to do it? It won't be the same without you.

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