Thursday, September 3, 2009

What is Change?

This represents what I have been up to this summer. For some time I have been considering how the things that I have learned might benefit other people. I drew on twenty-five years of self-exploration and working with people, as well as, study and collaboration with a creative and enlightened teacher. This is the beginning of what I have come up with.

I start with the sole premise that you can (still) create the life that you want for yourself- or change. Hence the name metamorphosis. I always thought it would be cool to do a weekend retreat that walked people though a complete change. As I worked with it, I realized it would increase the chances of the change sticking if I followed it with a class series to provide support and guidance during the vulnerable unfoldment phase- when people typically give up or get talked out of their change.

The work is experiential and eclectic. The interventions were chosen purely on the basis of their effectiveness and efficiency to effect change. It draws primarily on Zen thought, Native American ceremony, rites-of-passage, personal belief systems, and Jungian dreamwork and symbolism. It works with whatever spiritual beliefs you have.

So if you or someone you know is looking to shift something in their life- career, relationship, life focus, behavior pattern, etc. ... and you feel like it is time... come join me for a weekend at Mt. Cheney. I am told the leaves will be changing up there that weekend. If leaves can change- so can we.

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